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Saksham Magic is a social media influencer which performs mind-blowing, interactive and stunning magic with hilarious comedy and dance in his videos.


Saksham has been featured on TikTok as the top 100 creators in Australia after one of his videos gained over 100 million views.


From then onwards Saksham has worked with many brands Including McDonalds , JayJays Clothing, Nickelodeon, Snap chat, Ozcomiccon. 


Saksham has also appeared on Australia's Got Talent  Studio 10, SBS Radio, Ridiculousness Show

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Whether you want Saksham to turn up at your next event and MESMERIZE the audience OR you want to collaborate with Saksham and make use of his huge international social reach, Saksham is excited to add his magic touch! 

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Sydney, Australia


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